Tomas Andersson formed his company A-Dev with an idea of transferring the simulation tools that are common in the aerospace and automotive industries to the paper industry.

Development work began with a thesis in the packaging field. Several projects had been implemented with the purpose of develop material models for paper materials, for example a large project which, among other parts, included a doctoral thesis at MIT in Boston, USA. This task, however, had proved to be a difficult task and no one had managed to achieve consistency between reality and simulations, neither had anyone developed software that could simulate operations such as creasing and folding. The material models developed by Tomas was the first to manage this, and the actors in this
project over to these models. In A-Dev the development
and the models are now significantly better than
the models developed in the thesis work, both regarding
robustness and accuracy.

Development of material models and the implementation of
successful optimization projects require high levels of logical
thinking and ability to see and recreate relations. Tomas has
unique, documented, characteristics responding to these

At Kebnekaise, on top of Sweden.